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Fra Angelico, 1430.

Fra Angelico, 1430.

This morning I was walking to get a coffee and passed the Catholic church just a few blocks from my apartment. I smiled, watching happy people greeting each other as they left Easter mass, streaming out onto 4th Avenue. The mood was joyous, and while not a churchgoer, I was grateful for their presence, their celebratory energy.

Growing up Catholic, I’ve participated in many acts of Lenten abstinence, solemn masses on Holy Thursday, even more solemn masses on Good Friday, only to turn around and rejoice and celebrate two days later on Easter Sunday. I wasn’t fond of the forced rollercoaster of emotions and had a difficult time gleaning inspiration from a brutal event that occurred thousands of years ago.

But hey. That’s just me. Many people love Easter and its significance. I respect and support that.

What today did make me think about was the word “resurrection”. Sure, this means the act of someone coming back from the dead, but in looking up the word online, I was struck by one of the meanings:

resurrection [rez-uhrek-shuhn]  noun

4. A revival of something.


Now this, this I get.

I’m trying to revive a part of myself that has been dead for some time. It’s that part of me that breaks out of my comfort zone and takes risks for a more fulfilling life. For the past three years I’ve been fully aware that I was “coasting”. I had a good-paying job that enabled me to live in a great city and take an international trip every few years. I enjoyed my apartment, my friends, ran in the park, went out for dinner and drinks, went to the occasional baseball game. I make monthly student loan payments and have little debt. I had it good.

But I wasn’t fulfilled.

My job left me feeling unsatisfied and overwhelmed. I gave up on dating. I stopped challenging myself. Worst of all, I knew all of these things were happening, yet did nothing to change them.

My month in Italy, fortunately, woke me up from a three-year slumber. I was out of my comfort zone, traveling alone and discovering something new about my environment and myself every day. So when I returned, I kept the revival going by investing in myself. I started seeing a life coach, something I would have never considered before due to the costs. This small step led to big revelations, and I worked to address some of the challenges, and move forward on my dreams.

Everyone’s revival is different and unique. Here are a few simple tips to jump-start yours:

1. Write down something that you love to do, but haven’t done in a long time.

2. Come up with 4-5 suggestions on how to make it happen (schedule it into your calendar, take time off of work, save up money, etc.).

3. Put a plan together.

Happy Easter. How will you resurrect yourself?