Eat. Play. Run.

My quest to live in Rome, a bite and a step at a time.


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DSC_0004I’m five days into my summer, and Rome is having a heat wave. With temperatures in the 90s, I’m using my afternoons to job search, which is when the day is hottest. But in the evenings, I head out and explore. And last night, io ho fatto una passeggiata – I took an evening stroll. A very Italian thing to do, and one of my favorite activities.

Evenings in Rome are fantastic. Kids playing, couples walking hand in hand, friends sitting closely on park benches or at outside cafes, having a drink and just spending time together. But my favorite part is the light. The entire city basks in a golden glow, and every building vies for your attention. You can’t help but stop and do a slow 360 to take it all in. This photo is of the St. Angelo bridge, right next to the Castel Sant’Angelo and adjacent to the Vatican.

A summer passeggiata is also a good reason to stop in for a gelato. I chose Gelateria dei Gracchi on Via dei Gracchi, as I had read that they make their gelato daily using only local ingredients. I opted for a small cup of pistachio, a popular gelato flavor, and cantaloupe. I found the texture a little grainier than I prefer, but not lacking in flavor. The melon in particular was surprisingly bold and bright without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Bold and bright. Sounds like an evening in Rome to me.




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