Eat. Play. Run.

My quest to live in Rome, a bite and a step at a time.


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In February of 2013, a close friend asked me, “How are you feeling about where you are in your life?”

I had been living in San Francisco for 13 years, and loved it. I had great friends, an active lifestyle, a wonderful apartment near Golden Gate Park, and a steady job. I told her that I had no reason to leave.

Then I went to Italy in March, and within 30 days, I had a completely different answer.

Italy was romantic, challenging, charming, beautiful, and delicious. I was smitten. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So I enrolled in Italian language classes, got a life coach, and did a lot of thinking. By that summer, I’d made my decision: to give up a great apartment, a steady job despite a recent promotion, and a city that I love, to discover Italy. And rediscover myself.

Here’s the plan: I leave for Rome in June 2014, where I’ll live for three months while networking and job searching, with the hope of finding work so that I can stay there permanently. Due to visa rules, I can be in country for 90 days as a tourist without a visa. So I’ve got 90 days to find employment.

I don’t know what will happen, but life is too short not to try. Thanks for coming along for the journey.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Go, Kerry, go! I’m cheering for you and enjoying hearing all about your career, life and culinary adventures. xo, Heather

  2. still running? I am looking for some Rome running info if you have time to share.

    • Hi Phil. Yes, still running, but I am no longer in Italy; I desperately need to update this blog! However, I would be happy to share Rome running info with you and could also connect you to others who live/run in Rome currently. Let me know if that helps and how best to send you info.

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