Eat. Play. Run.

My quest to live in Rome, a bite and a step at a time.


Dublin FinishI smoked cigarettes for 10 years before quitting in March 2001. I was a graduate student at Stanford and became inspired by all of the students I saw running around our beautiful campus. So in April of that year, I decided to start running. I made it two blocks before stopping and gasping for breath. But the next day, I tried again and made it a few blocks further. Six months later, I finished the Dublin Marathon.

Today, running is still an addiction. While I’ve finished four marathons and a dozen half marathons, it’s the daily, casual runs that keep me calm, balanced, and motivated to improve myself everyday. I am constantly learning from other runners, such as my running club in San Francisco, my two running sisters, and my father, a former runner and marathoner.

Every step is a part of a bigger journey. As I blog about running, my hope is that my stories and learnings will amuse, educate, and inspire current and future runners.


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